Northwest Puppet Center’s 4th Crankie Festival

Oct. 19th and 20th, 2018
8pm performance
Tickets available online and by phone:

With special thanks to Sue Truman and The Crankie Factory, Northwest Puppet Center is proud to present the 4th Crankie Festival! This unique folk art combines live music with storytelling and shadow puppetry. These hand-crafted scrolls are mounted in boxes and stories unroll as they crank along.

Our 4th Crankie Fest features a fabulous line up of artists, each with their own style of music and visual artistry. This special event features the talents of:

Dejah Léger
Alex MacLeod
AND Special Guests: Holler and Glen (Oct. 19th) / Kelsey Nelson (Oct. 20th)

Dejah Léger
Dejah Léger began making Crankies in 2010 when she was asked to play a bilingual festival in Canada. Her first Crankie show was such a success that she was invited back for the next two festivals. She has since played Folklife Festival, Festival du Bois, the first Childrens Festival in Seattle, and the Seattle Crankie Festival. Her work has also been featured in two documentaries. Her intricately-cut Crankies are performed in English and French, drawing from both American ballads and French-Canadian traditional songs. Dejah works as a graphic artist and a carpenter apprentice. She also plays traditional Acadian music with her family band, La Famille Léger.

Alex MacLeod
Alex is an old time fiddler, square dance caller, and a newcomer to the crankie community. He illustrates his crankies using ink and glued paper on tracing vellum, first projecting the images with a digital projector, then inking and outlining and finally building textures with different papers. Alex has a deep backlog of songs and stories to bring to life as crankies, many coming from old time songs and lyrics, and a few from present day misadventures. He lives here in Seattle, where he engages in a wide variety of make-your-own-fun pursuits.

PODORYTHMIE, Quebecois for foot rhythms, is a Seattle-based group led by the Crankie Factorys Sue Truman (fiddler and chief crankie maker). They combine crankies, stepdancing and fiddle/accordion tunes from across French Canada. Other band members include Pascale Lelong (accordion, vocals) Cil Pierce (guitar, stepdance, shadow puppetry) and Julia Derby (guitar, stepdance and crankist). Through Sues Crankie Factory website, she has become one of the main points of contact for all things crankie, providing advise and information to artists and teachers around the world.


Oct. 19th ONLY
Holler & Glen
Melanie Brauner on fiddle and piano, and Kevin Auld on Scottish smallpipes, whistle, bones, and the occasional song. The married duo plays a blend of Scottish, Irish, and American old time tunes and songs, tracing the journey of the Scots-Irish immigrants to the American south.

Oct. 20th ONLY
Kelsey Nelson
Kelsey Nelsen is an artist and square dance caller living in the San Juan Islands. She organizes a local monthly dance and spends her time throwing pots and gardening. Her crankies illustrate favorite ballads.

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